Why Hossegor is the ultimate learn to surf destination for Londoners

Live in London but yearn of sandy beaches, world-class waves and cheesy, cheesy baguettes? Then book yourself a learn to surf trip to Hossegor today and turn your fantasy into a reality.

London is a great place to live.

It’s got pubs, it’s got history, it’s got parks and it’s got a decent enough nightlife.

The only problem is though…

If you call yourself a surfer or plan on learning to learn, London isn’t the best place in the world to call home.

I mean sure you’ve got Cornwall and Devon and a few other places in the southwest of the country that can whip up respectable surf every now and then.

Cornwall has its moments.jpg

But wouldn’t you prefer to surf somewhere with water so warm you don’t need a wetsuit? On beaches with golden sand that stretches forever? Where there’s fine wine and delicious cheeses and baguettes so irresistible they make you yell Oui, Oui?

If you answered hell bloody yes then you’ll be thrilled to know you don’t need to fly to Australia, Hawaii or even Portugal to experience surfing in a place this dreamy.

 You just need to book a flight to Hossegor.

But why Hossegor?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Check out below some of the reasons why our team here at Southwest Surfhouse thinks Hossegor is the ultimate learn to surf destination for Londoners.

Return flights are ridiculously cheap

 It seems that to fly anywhere from London is cheap. Seriously, London to Pluto is probably only €90. So, it goes without saying that flights to Hossegor are going to be less. Like... much less.

In fact, some budget carriers will fly you to Biarritz (the closest airport) and back for a little under what it would cost you to buy a main course and a couple of pints at your local pub. Total flight time is also a paltry hour 45 with a 30 minutes transfer to Hossegor.

Eat in for one night and use the money to purchase tickets to France? Sounds alright to us.

You can leave the wetsuit at home

Girl cross-stepping with no wetsuit.jpg

No one in the history of wearing a wetsuit has worn a wetsuit when they didn’t need to. They stink, they’re uncomfortable and you practically need to be a contortionist to stuff your frame into one.

Book a flight and learn to surf in France though and you can leave the neoprene at home, because Hossegor and the southwest region boasts some of the warmest water in Europe during the summer months.

That’s boardies and bikini water folks… or… nothing at all if you’re French.

There are plenty of things to do between learn to surf sessions

 Lose yourself in the local markets, buy all the baguettes at a Boulangerie, cycle through peaceful pine forests to the north of Les Landes or stretch it out at a Southwest Surf House yoga retreat.

There’s so much to do in Hossegor between daily surf sessions you’ll never feel bored. And by going out and exploring all that Hossegor has to offer, you’ll also feel like you’re getting a more rounded learn to surf experience.

Is there a downside to coming here? We think not.

There’s no such thing as a commute to the beach 

No rush to the beach.jpg

How long is your commute to work in London? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? 1 hour? Well, just like heaven, there’s no such thing as a “commute to the beach” at Southwest Surf House in Hossegor.

You wake up, you amble down to the kitchen, you savour a coffee and have a bite to eat (probably a baguette) and then cruise down to the beach for your morning surf. 

No traffic, no rush hour to contend with, no taxi drivers almost putting you into an early grave on your bike. Just an easy waltz to the waves… with no passive aggressive boss checking their watch if you roll up late.

It’s steeped in surf history and culture

 Biarritz and the surrounding areas including Hossegor are widely believed to be the birthplace of surfing on continental Europe. With a German-cum-Californian scriptwriter by the name of Pete Viertel bringing the first surfboard into the country illegally from Spain in the 50s.

 These days surfboards are totally legal though, so you won’t be breaking any rules by learning to surf in Hossegor. You will, however, be treated to events such as the incredibly popular Quicksilver Pro which runs every year in October, plus countless other surfing events and festivals. You can even check out the headquarters of the Fédération Française de Surf, or French Surf Federation.

If the Quikky Pro isn’t exciting enough for you that is.

 The surf houses aren’t half bad either

 In addition to the cheap flights, the warm water, the awesome weather and all the other excellent things you can do in Hossegor if you’re from London, we can also give you the best seat (or bed) in the house to all that the region has to offer.

 So, contact our team, take a break from The Big Smoke and fill your lungs with some of that sweet French air by booking with Southwest Surf House in Hossegor today.

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Calling all Londoners. Book a learn to surf trip to France today and get in touch with Southwest Surf House for all of your accommodation, surf school and yoga retreat needs. Need more proof? Click here to discover 7 French Cliches on you will find on your surf trip.