The 7 most French things you will see on your French Surf Holiday

Last time your Aunty Sandra went to Paris, she probably told you all about the exciting French clichés she saw on her trip. The perfect insight to prepare for your upcoming French surf trip. But you weren’t listening where you? That’s ok, here’s a quick recap.

1.     People carrying baguettes everywhere; It’s like they don’t leave home without one. Phone, Wallet, Baguette, allons-y! As simple as it seems it is a beautiful thing to take part take in. You get to practise your terrible French to the lovely boulangerie ladies, then stroll around town with it tucked safely under your arm, offering a mutual appreciation ‘bonjour’ and head nod, when you pass a fellow baguette carrier.

2.     Bulk wine consumption; Do you know what they call a boozey lunch in France? Lunch...If you happen to walk past any restaurant in France around mid-day, if there’s not a bottle of vino on each table, something not right. Now Bulk wine consumption is not to be confused with our version of getting hammered on cheap wine, the French have a classy etiquette, and even manage to go back to work afterwards.

3.     Naked people on the beach; I had heard the stories too, and upon embarking on my first trip to France, I can confirm they are true. Now this is a double-edged sword. Yes, naked European woman without even a hint of a tan line look great, but beware of their counterparts, European men. Don’t ask me why but they spend a lot of time at the shoreline, hands on hips, gazing out at sea, tallywackers swaying gently in breeze. You’ve been warned!

4.     Berets, Marinaras and scarfs; When they are wearing clothes, the French really do love their fashion. I’m not saying everyone dresses up like catwalk models, but you generally do get to see an impressive collection of nice coats, scarves, and hat wear, especially in the autumn months when the waves are firing. It almost inspires you to trade in your trusty old, front zip grey hoodie, and snapback cap. Almost.

5.     People smoking; This goes hand in hand with the fashion. You can’t get all dressed up looking super French without having a cigarette being gracefully smoked in tow. If you make eye contact with a beautiful french smoker, be careful not to get caught. Your hypnotic gaze will be exchanged for a cloud of smoke and a brutal snap back to reality. Expect to get asked for a lighter a lot too. (Tu as de feu?) 

6.     An empty beach barrel; You have heard of the legends of the French beach breaks, and you will be shocked when you see so many going unridden in such a populated coastline. Depending on of course, if you get lucky with the timing, but when the stars do align, spitting barrels can be viewed in both directions as far as the eye can see. There’s also a good chance you can find your ownish peak to you and your pals.

7.     A Festival; In the warmer months of the year, the French absolutely love to have a festival. Whether it be for Music, Food, Art, or Wine, France has it covered. July and August have inherently been named “Fete season” giving those that are game a chance to don their “Fete gear” and partake in the copious amounts of classy French style classy booze drinking. 

So, there you have it, if that doesn’t get you excited to come visit France for a surf trip I don’t know what will. Bring a notepad and pen and mark off every time you see one. Double points if you participate in them! Bon Courage

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