Europe's Finest Beaches & The World's Best Waves

Surf Guiding

When we take you 'Surf Guiding' you aren't joining a class with fixed time schedules and matching fluro rash vests, your basically going surfing with a bunch of your friends who take you to the best possible spots, when the surf is at its best. We will give you a brief rundown of each break, and offer you any guidance necessary to ensure your catching the most waves and having the best time possible in the water. Our surf guides will take into account your ability, the current conditions, and the crowds when picking the spot, and will only stop when the surf turns bad, or your completely surfed out.

If you're a seasoned surfer and just want a hot tip where's firing, that's fine, with numerous guides and vehicles we can make sure everyone is where they need to be. If your a first timer or are new to surfing we highly recommend a beginner class (see below). Here you will learn the fundamentals of surfing from standing up to catching your first green wave!

Surf Lessons

With the proper surf instruction, all students can have a unforgettable wave riding experience within their first lesson.

We use Billabong Surf School, who are located right out the front of our local beach at Les Bourdaines. There you will learn everything from surfing's basics: carrying your surfboard, attaching the leash, paddling, popping up, and reading and anticipating waves. You will also cover surf etiquette and beach safety. With this hands-on approach, you will receive much more than just a demonstration. Your instructor will be right there with you, helping you with every step of the way, constantly giving tips, making adjustments, and providing invaluable feedback.


Full Surf Package: 5 x 90 minute sessions

169 €

Beginner Package: 3 X 90 minute sessions

 105 €

Group Lesson: 90 minute session (8 people max)

37 €

Private Surf Lesson: 90 minute session

120 €


The Surf House has a collection of boards ranging from 5"6'  up into 9ft soft boards. If your not sure just ask and we will put you on the best suited board for your ability. The house also has a selection of wetsuits perfect to keep you toasty in those cooler months. Boards and wetsuits are all included in the price!