7 Thoughtful Tips to Help Beginner Surfers Progress Quickly

Familiarise yourself with the learn to surf experience and go from whitewash warrior to fearless frother in no time by reading on below.

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 Learning to surf is fun, but it’s also bloody hard.  

That’s because it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or how many other boardsports you already excel at, the skills involved in riding waves on a surfboard are incredibly unique.

 That being said, some people do have an innate flair for it and learn to surf confidently in a relatively short amount of time. Most of us, however, are destined to spend more time being washed around the shore break like a piece of driftwood, rather than nail the pop up on our first wave.

But there’s the thing.  

Anyone can learn to surf – you just need a little bit of patience, a whole heap of dedication and some expert guidance. So with that in mind, our team at Southwest Surf House have come up with 8 thoughtful tips to help you progress quickly, whether you’re learning to surf in France or any other destination.

 1. Embrace the struggle

We’ve already laid it… surfing is damn hard. Oh you’ll have fun, don’t get us wrong. But at one point or another you’re going to wonder why you didn’t opt to stay at that luxury yoga retreat in the Austrian Alps instead. Our advice? Embrace the struggle and never forget how cool Johnny Utah became once he learnt how to surf.

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2. Use the right equipment

 If you’re learning how to surf there’s a fair chance you have absolutely no idea as to what equipment you need. In fact, if most beginners were left to choose their own board, they’d pick the sexy shortboard over the clunky-looking longboard 9 times out of 10. But the truth is that riding a bigger, more stable board will accelerate your learning curve, given that it’s easier to stand up on and paddle in the ocean.

 3. Learn with an experienced instructor

The assistance of an experienced instructor is invaluable when learning to surf. Chiefly because they can give you pointers and tips in real time. Not to mention they’ll also encourage you to try again and again until you finally get the hang of it. They’re presence therefore ensures you can get to your feet and actually ride a wave sooner with better technique than if you were trying to teach yourself.

 4. Expect to fall… a lot

 Yep, you’re going to go head, bum, shoulder, ear, back and face first into the water. A lot. It’s just another part of the learn to surf experience. The good thing here is that you’re falling into water and that’s ok. Especially when we consider skateboarders, skiers and snowboarders, who can expect to fall on considerably harder surfaces. We’ll stick to surfing, thanks.

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5. Immerse yourself in the experience

Stay at a surf camp in France or book a few days at a surf school in Hossegor and totally immerse yourself in the experience. This way you can put all of your energy into learning to surf with people who are at your skill level. Allowing you to focus more on perfecting your technique while gaining a better appreciation for surf culture in the process.

 6. Book a multi-day surf trip

Most people don’t stand up on their first try, with the majority taking a couple of sessions before they feel confident getting to their feet. With that in mind, a multi-day surf trip to a surf school in Hossegor is the perfect way to hone your skills, given that you can pick up where you left off the day before and continue progressing at a steady pace.

 7. Don’t forget to have fun

You’re not surfing a competition and we don’t make you sleep outside if you can’t stand up on your first wave. The reason being that surfing is all about having fun. Whether with your friends or solo, it’s a pastime that’s best enjoyed when you embrace the experience. Because once you let go of expectations and start having fun, you’ll wonder why you ever thought it was so hard.

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Want to learn to surf in France? Then get in touch with Southwest Surf House today and book a surf camp or surf school in Hossegor.

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