What an average day at the Surf House looks like

7:30am Wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Come downstairs and see group of excited surfers huddled around the kitchen table, coffees in hand, excitement levels building.

7:45am We are in the surf van heading to check the local break. Tunes blaring, coffees starting to have their effect. We park the van up at Les Bourdaines carpark, and start walking over the dune. The wind feels good, light offshore, and we can hear the ocean crashing in the distance. With each step over the dune we get a better view of the waves. Its pumping, we are on.

10:00am After an epic surf, we are back at the surf house. Super star chef G, has been cooking up an all time feed for the hungry surfers. Today its an Aussie classic, smashed avo with pesto, poached eggs, fresh baguettes, home-made muesli, fruit and yogurt. One more coffee for good measure, then grab a hammock to let breakfast settle in.

11:00am Forest stroll. We are ever so lucky to be located in the heart of one of Europes most beautiful and lush forests. Take a step back into nature and reset the mind and body.

1:00pm Lunch time. We grab the bikes and roll into town to our favourite restaurant, Louvine. Your eyes and taste buds will be blown away with the colourful and flavourful bowls of absolute goodness. The poke bowls will be the best you’ve ever had.

3:00pm Siesta time. This is one of the most sacred and important times at the surf house. The hammocks in the garden are primo siesta real estate, as is the Moroccan lounge downstairs, or for the keen bronzers, under the sun at the beach.

4:00pm Surf number 2 for the day. This time the whole crew come, and we set up camp at the beach. Party waves and foamies are the order of the day. A freshly squeezed juice from the local beach cabana gives us a little extra paddle power.

6:00pm Its high tide, so bridge jumps and ice creams are on the cards. We cycle into Hossegor to the jump spot. There always a sense of excitement for first timers, or your first backflip! Then its one of the best ice cream shops in the world in the centre of Hossegor. One of the hardest decisions of your holiday will be picking which flavour to get.

7:00pm Feeling a bit stiff? Our local yoga instructor can come around the house and do a nice little afternoon yoga session in the garden. Yoga and surfing are a match made in heaven and will even help improve your surfing. Trust us!

8:00pm Dinner time at the surf house. This time is the BBQ of dreams. Grilled veggies, meats, salads, and homemade sauces. Then we all sit down at a big table like a family and eat, drink, and then eat some more.

9:00pm Sunset time. We stroll down to the beach. Those who still have the energy grab a board for surf number 3, while the others park up at the beach cabana and grab a cold drink. Nothing quite beats a sunset surf session with a bunch of friends to cap off another epic day.

11:00pm Those who are keen to celebrate the day grab a bike or a longboard and cruise into town. One of the local bars is a place called Coolin. By the end of the week you will know all the staff, and you will feel right at home. If all goes well we should be back at the surf house before too late to get ready to do it all again!

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