Player Profiles; Fraser

Let us tell you a little story about our good friend/ surf guide/ good times engineer, Fraser. I had met Fraser in a Ski Resort in Canada 10 years ago. He taught me a lot on how to live. Since then he had been spending most of life working away in a stable high paying job in Geneva. It was 8 years in fact he had been in his established and predictable routine, but that all changed after a 2-week holiday at Southwest Surf House.

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you here at the surf house we can convert non-believers into holy men, but in this case a dream was realised. For Fraser, too long he had thought “When I go to sleep tonight, I will know exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow, and the next day, and the next week, month etc”. But stuck in an environment where stability and comfort are normality, nothing ever happened.

It was a 2 week holiday at Southwest Surf House that finally changed everything. A place where the toughest decision of the day, is whether to take a siesta, or take your 2nd or 3rd surf of the day. A place where interesting like-minded people come to live and play, and sometimes never leave. This is what happened to Fraser.

Now he be found surfing all day long in the summers, showing people how to have an amazing time, and sharing some of his new found wisdom. Please note; We are not help responsible if you end up doing the same.