Player Profiles- G

You may have heard the rumours, read the reviews, or maybe you were lucky enough to experience the magic in person. I’m talking of course of our very own maestro in the kitchen; Georgia, and her mouth-watering food creations.


Georgia or G comes from a far away land known as Australia. It was there she started her training as a chef, until she moved to London in 2016 to further develop her skills. G was lucky enough to snag a spot in London’s (arguably) best Italian restaurant “Padella” as well as the award winning seafood restaurant ‘’Salon”. Here G further honed her skills for 2 years until she felt her culinary career needed a change in direction.


Fate then found her packing her bags for France and arriving at Southwest Surf House for a summer of surfing and cooking delicious fresh and healthy food. G’s cooking brought the house down every morning for breakfast and every evening for dinner. The amount of creative flare and flavour that goes into every aspect of each dish is why people are loosing their minds at the Surf House. The other key ingredient is G’s amazing and fun loving personality, which not only creates magic in each meal, but fills the house with love making it feel like a home away from home.


Its safe to say G absolutely knocked it out of the park for the summer of 2018 at the surf house. And in massive news, we now know that she will be back, and better than ever for the summer of 2019. Believe the hype and book yourself a spot at the table :)