Surfer in London? Why your next surf trip should be to the South West of France

Most surfers in London are convinced the best and closest place to get their dose of surfing is in the Cornwall, Devon region. And true enough, it might be closest option, but is it the best option? Probably not. Let us explain.

A drive from London to Cornwall/Devon can range from anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on traffic. It’s a long way to go if the waves don’t turn out as they were “expected” to be on surf reports. Plus, its cold… and raining. What do to?

Don’t fret my friends, just across the pond, lies the promised land of milk and honey. By milk and honey, we mean baguettes and barrels. We are also lucky to live in a time were budget airlines exist, allowing us to get there in less than 2 hours and for around 60GBP return! Compare that to fuel, tolls and pasties, it’s a tres bon idea.

So, time and money are pointing towards France. What about the waves? Are they that much better? In short, YES. The South West of France is home to some of the best and most consistent waves in the world. Plus, it’s in France! Baguettes, wine, and cheese! Not only that but you get to enjoy 3 months of rubber-less surfing every summer. You can definitely leave that 5mm in London.

So, you want to find out more? Of course you do. Here’s what you need to know. Hossegor is the place to go, it’s the surf capital of Europe and has a great party scene in the summer, plus it’s a 30-minute transfer from Biarritz Airport. Where to stay? Well for 350 quid at Southwest Surf House, you can get a week’s accommodation, a delicious home cooked breakfast and dinner everyday, plus surf guiding, surfboard/ bike rental, and possibly the best holiday of your life. Read the reviews and check out the setup here