Our top 5 favourite places to grab lunch in Hossegor

If there’s one thing the French take very seriously, its lunch. And luckily enough Hossegor is spoilt for choice with amazing places to grab a bite to eat. Here are our top 5 choices;


This has to be our personal favourite. Louvine has the freshest and tastiest food you could find anywhere. They specialise in Hawaiian style Poke bowls, with other Asiatic influences making up their mouth-watering menu. The restaurant has a certain charm from its unique décor and is located just next to Les Estagnots Beach.

Chez Minus

One of the most famous seafood restaurants in Hossegor. Chez Minus is known for its Moules frites, and no fuss dining style. The restaurant is located on the Capreton Marina and is an absolute must for anyone who wants a true French seafood experience.

Waxed Coffee

Waxed coffee is located in the heart of Hossegor and specialises in brunch styled avocado dishes. It’s a cool place to hang out and catch up with friends and is also home to the best flat white in town. You can really see how much time and effort they put into creating their food.

L'escadron Flottant

A typical French restaurant that has nailed the menu de jour. For a small price you can grab an entrée, main, dessert, coffee, plus wine in true French style. If you want to experience a typical French lunch, this is the place.

CJ Sushi

Located right in the heart of Hossegor Centre, CJ sushi is your one stop for all things sushi. One of the best things about this place is the 2 lovely people who serve you and make the sushi, own it! They also have a great selection of Japanese whisky worth trying.

Bon Appetit!