Surf House Questions for Hossegor

Is this a surf camp, a surf house or a surf hostel?

So we call ourselves a surf house, but in actual fact we are more of a hybrid. We have the surf guiding and yoga available you would expect from a surf camp, we provide the option to meet new people and go out and party that you would expect from a surf hostel, and finally we have the relaxed and chilled vibe you would expect from a surf house.

How far are you from the beach/ bars?

We are located about 300m from Les Bourdaines Beach nestled away in the Seignosse forest. Hossegor town can found a short 10-minute bike ride away. Here you will find all the main bars/restaurants and shops. Seignosse beach also has shops, bars, and restaurants spread all the way along it within walking distance from the Surf House.

What if I cant surf really well? Can I still join in on the surf guiding?

Yes, so long as you are able to swim you can join in. Surf guiding is simply us all going surfing together like you would with a bunch of friends. Expect we know the best times and places to surf to ensure we all get the most out of each session. If you have never tried surfing or struggle to paddle on your own or stand up, we do recommend an actual lesson to begin with. We use a local surf school located right in front of the house. Afterwards you are free to come join in with the rest of the gang.

I can already surf and just want to get were its pumping…

No worries, with numerous surf guides and vehicles we can get everyone where they need to be. When the waves are firing, we generally split up, so someone will be on the case taking you to where the best waves are and trying to snag some gems with you.

Is this a party place? Or is it chill?

We can do both quite well and generally gauge it from the you, our guests. Some weeks there are festivals on, some weeks the waves are so good all we do is surf, eat, and sleep. If we do decide to party we have a rule to leave the house at 11pm for those who are not keen to party, and of course not make any noise when crawling into bed.

Where is the closest airport or best way to get to the surf house?

Biarritz is the best and closest airport to fly to. Once you are there we can organise a transfer for €60 each way. The other option is train or bus. Saint Vincent de Tyrosse is the closest train station, we can grab you from there for €20. We can also grab you from Bayonne Bus or Train station for €50. If you can get to anywhere in the Hossegor/ Capbreton/ Seignosse are we can come grab you for free.

What are the waves like during the month of ….?

Generally speaking, the waves in Hossegor during the summer months (July/August) tend to be smaller, and more friendly for beginners. Around these months, (May/June/September/October) there is more of a chance of getting a bigger swell. However saying that, when the waves are big, we can take you to certain surf spots that are more protected. In most cases we can always find smaller, friendly waves suited towards people who are trying to learn.

What type of wetsuit do I need to wear?

In the summer months, July and August, you can get away with board shorts or a shorty. For May/June/September/October a 3.2mm is usually perfect.

How is Hossegor, Seignosse, and Capbreton laid out?

So the 3 towns Hossegor, Seignosse, and Capbreton are all pretty much linked up. They stretch along the coastline with nothing but sign posts separating each village. A lot of times the name Hossegor will be used as name for the 3 villages collectively.

What else is there to do besides surf in Hossegor?

Golf, sailing, fishing, bike riding, long boarding, yoga, nature walks, water parks, skate parks, SUPing, outlet shopping, vineyard tours, summer parties, ice cream eating, and bridge jumping, to name a few. Plus, it is very worth your time to check out local towns such as; Biarritz, Bayonne, Saint Jean De-Luz, and of course San Sebastian.

Whats the best way to get around?

In the summer, driving can be a nightmare with the traffic. Bikes, longboards, and scooters are the best way to get around during the busy months. There are also loads of cycle paths around the place which are perfect for skating and riding. Its also pretty flat which is a bonus!