Should I have my Hen Do at Southwest Surf House?

So not long ago, in fact in the Spring of 2018 we had our first hen do at the surf house. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being a guy, I had never had the privilege of experiencing what actually happens on one of these mysterious events. I must say, it was one of the best weekends of my life.

I spent a lot of time to and froing in emails with the maid of honour, trying to plan out the weekends actualities. We organised restaurants, yoga, surf lessons, and tried to make arrangements for a strip tease (unfortunately it was out of their budget).

Then the day finally came, 12 hens arrived at the surf house. The weather was rainy, and the surf was big and messy. I must say I was a little nervous at first, not knowing what to expect from the girls. Immediately we all realised these girls were an absolute bunch of legends and were up for having an amazing time. Perfect.


Fast forward 10 minutes and myself and Fraser are running in the rain down to the beach with a bunch of excited screaming girls in bikinis in hot pursuit. After a quick dip, (and pinching ourselves a few times) we then take the girls to our favourite seafood restaurant and the cheap rose and chat starts to flow beautifully. We are subsequently adopted as honorary hens and so begins one of the best weekends of our life.

A few things I noticed about hen do’s; 1) the organisation is exceptional. Games/activities/themed nights you name it. This is a quite the contrast to most Stag Do’s I’ve been on which simply involve bulk alcohol consumption. And 2) Going anywhere with an entourage of 12 hens is the best. An empty bar can be transformed into a pumping dance floor instantly, and we sure did this.

 Another stand out for me was seeing my best mate Fraser in his absolute element. Now Fraser, or Papa Fray, is known as being a fatherly figure to many and is full of wise words and life advice. Late one evening I returned home from the bar to find 6 hens on the living room floor all listening intently to Papa Fray as he delved into deep chats about life and love. It was a beautiful thing, like I said, in his element.


When these girls decided to come to our Surf House, they put their complete trust in us in what is an incredibly important weekend for the bride-to-be. We reciprocated by making it our obligation to show them all the most amazing time possible. What we didn’t expect was to have one of the best weekends of our lives in the process.

Now I cant leave this without touching on a certain subject. As I mentioned earlier the girls requested a stripper, (but it was too expensive). As we were all getting along like a house on fire, and especially after myself and Fraser were initiated as hens, let’s just say, the pressure was put on us. Im not going to mention what may or may not have happened, but I’ll just leave this review below :)