10 things to do in Hossegor besides Surf

 1.     Check out Lac d’Hossegor; Its sits between Hossegor centre and the Ocean and has a walking path the whole way around. It’s about a 5km loop but don’t worry there are stops along the way. Grab a smoothie bowl from Le Mango Tree which is located in the beautiful Rosny park on the east side of the lake. Or if you want to impress your Mum there’s some great oyster restaurants on the Northern tip.


2.     Go to Café de Paris; This place is legendary, and we don’t think its changed a bit since the 30s. Its located smack bang in the middle of Hossegor on a busy roundabout. It’s the perfect place to grab a table outside and people watch. Depending on your programme you can grab a quick Sunday Collab expresso, or we recommend a Giraffe of beer or perhaps a chilled bottle of Rose?


3.     Grab an Ice cream; It’s just the done deal when on a summer holiday. You don’t have to go far from Café de Paris, in fact its just next door. Glaces Roman have been operating in Hossegor for 25 years but you may just have a panic attack when trying to choose a flavour. Tante Jean is also 2 doors down with an equally as good selection.


4.     Jump of the Bridge; An absolute must. You have 2 things to remember. Number 1, only jump at high tide, Number 2, make sure you have the right bridge. Don’t worry you will know which one it is; in summertime on high tide scores of kids can be seen throwing themselves off the bridge in an attempt to cool off. It’s a about 5-6 metres or maybe 7 if you jump of the railing. Backflips?


5.     Take a stroll in the forest; Now this doesn’t sound as nearly as fun as jumping off a bridge but trust us it can be the perfect place to escape the summer madness and step back into nature. Hossegor is surrounded by forest which is conveniently laid out with endless walking trails. Find one and start walking. Within minutes you will feel miles away from Suburbia.


6.     Farmers Markets; Several times per week there are farmers markets in and around Hossegor. Here you will get to sample local treats such as foie gras, and Landes Pate, as well as loads of amazing basque delights from further south such as gateaux Basque, pintxos, goats cheese and local peppers from Espelette.


7.     Get a Louvine; No trip to Hossegor is complete without a Louvine. Whats a Louvine you ask? Its that popular in Hossegor its become its own noun. Louvine is restaurant in town that serve mouth-watering Poke Bowls, Burritos, and Asian styled bowls. The flagship restaurant is located at Estagnots beach, plus a second store has just opened in Hossegor Centre.


8.     Go to Coolin; This is just the done thing of an evening in Hossegor. The place is usually rammed, so most people find themselves buying a beer from inside then drinking outside in the square with 200 other people. Get there around 11-12pm, but be careful you might end up at Klub or Bakoua after! Goodbye morning surf.


9.      Get a Moules Frites; This area is famous for them, but no one does them better than Chez Minus located on Capbreton Harbour. It’s a no-fuss type of dining, with paper plates, a simple menu, and long wooden benches, but it couldn’t be any more perfect. Grab some cheap rose and ask if they have any Chipiron in the kitchen as well. Thank me later.


10.  Experience Booboozz then Escargot; What? Ok so this needs a bit of explaining. Booboozz is a local bar located just north of Hossegor in Seignosse. Imagine a Carribean beach shack with hip-hop, house and funk blarring, and mojitos are the drink of choice. After BooBoozz closes we go to check out the infamous and wondrous nightclub known as Escargot. It’s a large and confusing place which can steal away hours of your life away. Don’t forget to go upstairs and take a breath of fresh air every hour or so. Saturday nights is the night. Goodluck.


11.  Sunset beers; I know we said 10 but hey we had to throw it in. There are a number of amazing beach cabanas where you can grab a cold frothy one, or a cheap supermarket case will always do the trick. It simply doesn’t get old watching the sun set over the Atlantic. Enjoy.