Sunday Collab

One afternoon in summer I returned back to the surf house after a trip to the Hossegor markets. One of the guests asked me; “Hey Raff, some older guy with curly hair came into the house and grabbed your empty coffee pots. Is that normal? Who is this guy?” Before I could answer another guest exclaimed “That’s the Coffee guy!” The first guest mumbled “the Coffee guy?” “Yeah the coffee guy!!” yelled the excited guest.

And so pursued a conversation about the illustrious Coffee guy who pops by every other day, checks our coffee levels, whilst happily spinning some yarn with whoever happens to be around.  So what’s the story about this coffee guy? Let me tell you.


“The Coffee Guy” or Carl, is half of the fresh new coffee start-up that began right here in Hossegor. The other half is Reid, who like Carl spent years in the surfing industry until they finally decided to create a coffee brand based around the things they love; surfing and the amazing lifestyle that goes with it. The resulting product is “Sunday Collab”.

Carl and Reid are everything that we stand for. Local enthusiasts that are passionate about what they do and who are doing it for the right reasons. They don’t have any obligations except to make great coffee, and make good collaborations with people they actually want to be involved with. Hats off to them. Not to mention their coffee is not just delicious but organically sourced. We jumped aboard with 2 feet first and haven’t looked back since.

Check them out at and on Instagram here

Carl and Reid

Carl and Reid