2018 Season Recap- What happens now?

The 2018 season has just ended and what an absolute belter it was! It baffles us how it just keeps getting better and better with each passing year. Standout addition to the surf house would have to be the introduction of super star chef and personality Georgia. Admirable mention to Entertainment/Surf guide Fraser who we think must have cloned himself to be able to pull off what he did this summer. 

So what now? Is the Surf house still open? What are you guys doing?

The surf house will now close its doors for the winter months until May 2019. Fraser will be heading off to his winter in home in Morzine (French Alps) to work on some projects/send it on a snowboard. In big news, Georgia will be joining him (not in that way). She has made the decision to do her first mountain season. A damn good one if you ask me. As for Raff, he will be mostly based in Hossegor as well as helping a few friends out with other projects. Then he will meet up with Fraser and Georgia for spring time sendage in the mountains.  

Are you guys back next for 2019? Whats in the pipeline? 

The 2018 team will be back and better than ever. Same place and same people; Georgia as our amazing chef, Fraser as entertainment/surf guide, Raff running the show, and there will also be a 4th member joining the team; another surf guide. Our number one pick has not 100% confirmed with us but watch this space! This will give us more freedom in choosing where to go for surfing and will give us more of a chance to offer you that invaluable feedback in the water.

We also plan to incorporate more Yoga! This summer we gauged how much yoga we would run from guest’s demand. It was good, but we think we need to do more. We will be pushing this with weekly classes.  

Photography/Videography will also feature more heavily in 2019. We want to capture all the magical moments that happen over a season here and make it available to you guys. There is also talk of starting a surf house vlog to give everyone a chance to see the daily antics of our surf house.

Summing up, that marks the end of our 2nd season, and what a season it was. Believe me when I say this, we actually cannot wait for number 3! Hopefully see you guys here. 

The SW Team