Surf Spots in Hossegor

The following is a list of some of the well known breaks in the Hossegor area. They are all beach breaks producing both lefts and rights. This a guide for moderate to large swells. With smaller summer swells all these breaks are manageable for beginners (except La Nord).


La Piste/ VVF

Located in Capbreton, (also called bunkers) and known for its very fast barrelling shorebreaks. Works best on a W swell and on high tide. The beach itself is scattered with a number of old WWII bunkers, creating a very interesting foreground for surf photographers. Can become very busy during the summer months. Be prepared to compete with some talented locals when this place is firing, and remember to dodge the bunkers!

Le Santocha

Just north of La Piste, is Le Santocha. Probably the most surfed wave in Capbreton. The groynes tend to form a nice fat right hander that walls up into a close-out inside section. There are left handers further south heading towards La Piste that tend to become hollower. Santocha is slighty protected from the winter NW swells, and can work when most of the northern beaches are closing out. Experienced surfers only in big swells, many choose to sneak out at Le Prevent and paddle around the groyne.

Le Prevent

This break is bordered by man made groynes on each side which helps protect it from bigger swells. It is very crowded in the summer months being close to Capbretons seaside promenade. This is one of the few spots that stays manageable with bigger swells. Just north of Le Prevent is Capbreton Point which is protected from NW swells by a breakwall that extends out of the harbour.


La Sud

Just on the other side of Capbreton harbor lies La Sud. Nick named 'kiddies' it is generally the only other place, besides Le Prevent, that you can go to avoid the bigger swells. The waves can be 8ft a couple hundred metres north, and be 2 ft at La Sud. Very busy in the summer months, and likewise when most of the northern beaches are closing out.

La Nord

This is Hossegors go-to big wave spot, located right in front of the main bars and restaurants. There is a massive channel that lies between La Sud and La Nord making it one of the preferred spots to paddle out in big surf. This wave only works on big swells and holds up all the way to 12ft. When it works, expect to see alot of the local old boys on 8ft+ guns. The La Nord Challenge is held annually here.

La Graviere

One of the most legendary beach breaks in the area. During the summer its a friendly wave enjoyed by many groms, and in the autumn/winter it produces a super heavy barreling wave that can break perilously close to the shore. The wave is very dependent on the tides, often only works for a brief window. The Quicksilver pro is sometimes held here. Perfect conditions are 4-8ft NW/W swells, and light easterly winds.


Les Culs Nuls

Les Culs Nuls is the beginning of a series of typical beach breaks stretching into the north. Culs Nuls translates as 'bare arse' for good reason too, its located on one of the areas nudists beaches. Fun small waves on a low tide and better on a mid to high tide with moderate swells. Was our bank of choice for the 2015 summer season. The Quicksilver pro was also held here in 2015.

Les Estagnots

Right out the front of the famous beach bar 'le surfing' the top quality beach break has become a bit of a local hangout. Every year solid banks are formed that work well on a good W/NW swell. Works best on low to incoming tide, but hollow barrels can also be seen on the inside section on high tide. Tends to handle the size a bit better than Les Bourdaines and Le Penon. The Quicksilver pro was held here in 2014.

Les Bourdaines

Another popular beach break, often with multiple left/ right peaks. Its known for its consistency, but can be a tricky paddle out on bigger swells. Works best on low to incoming tides but also can have a hairy shorebreak. Its lies just across the dune from Heads micro brewery, the perfect place for an apre surf beer.

Les Penon

The most northern and isolated spot in the Hossegor area. Le Penon often forms worthwhile sandbanks that hold really well in the high tides. A strong Northernly current often rips straight along the shore. Very fun little shorebreaks in the summer. Further north is Casernes, which is yet another classic beach break. Beyond Casernes there is little development, the beach is met by the forest. The best way to escape the crowds.