4 ways to beat the Hossegor crowds this Summer

We spend all winter looking forward to those scorching hot days of summer in Hossegor. When these lucrative hotter months finally do come around our instinct sends us straight to the beach. And rightfully so, surfing in France in the summer is what dreams are made of. Warm water, golden stretches of sand, and consistent manageable surf. The only thing is every man and his dog is also doing the same thing. At some stage we are likely to come across a crowded line-up. But don’t stress because here’s 4 tips to make surfing in Hossegor this a summer, a breeze;

1.     Get a foamie. It could be the best investment you make this summer. They are wave catching machines, no matter how crowded the line-up. Try NOT to have fun surfing a foamie, plus you can sit a lot deeper and find yourself some room to breathe.

2.     Get up early. The Europeans are notorious for sleeping in. In other parts of the world a dawny entails being in the water at dawn. However, the European dawny is closer to a few hours after dawn, after a coffee and a croissant of course. Hence there is always a chance to snag a few early ones while everyone else is still sleeping.

3.     Grab a car and head north. This is a game changer. The populated coast around Hossegor stretches from Capbreton all the way north to Seignosse. Beyond that is just forest. Miles and and miles of empty beaches and forest. All you need to do is drive north, find somewhere to park along the road enjoy a 15 minute stroll through the forest to your own uncrowded section of the beach.

4.     Just get amoungst it. Sure, there are plenty of people that like to complain about the crowds, but why not just embrace it for what it is. Hundreds of people, young and old, beginners and shredders, all just trying to have a good time in the ocean on a funny shaped piece of foam. Enjoy the show.