One of my favourite things about the surf house

 Every season we get a bunch of new amazing people coming through our doors. Now the way I choose to look at this phenomenon is through the words of Bill Nye (legend); “Every person you will ever meet knows something you don’t” This couldn’t be any truer when considered the calibre of legends from all walks of life that find themselves here at the surf house.

We get a great mix of nationalities from all over the world ranging from single travellers, couples, big groups, and families. It creates for a truly dynamic blend of cultures and lifestyles. Now simply adding all these individuals into one house doesn’t necessarily mean lasting friendships will be made instantly. I know from experience and through travelling to similar places, it simply doesn’t work like that.

Here, over the natural evolution of the surf house I can assuredly say we have cracked the formula and found the perfect setting for getting to know people. It’s also become one of the most sacred times in the surf house. Meal time. Now having lived in Europe for some years now, one of the most important values I’ve learnt is appreciating good food with good people. Here meal time is not just where you get food into your belly with a fork, it’s a celebration of each other’s company and of the lovingly created cuisine.

Every morning and every night we all sit around a big table, staff included, and eat amazing food together (read the reviews). Each week a transformation occurs; a group of strangers who have never met, into a group of close friends sharing another delicious meal together like one big family.