San Sebastian

Cider poured from great heights into deep glasses in narrow streets, cheap wine, cheaper beer, and tapas that sends foodies packing from miles away. The ocean-side city of San Sebastian is an absolute must if you are travelling in the Basque country and is just an hours drive south from Hossegor.

If you love food you have probably heard of it, as it’s a gastronomical icon of the world. In fact, there are more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else in the world (excluding a certain Japanese city). The city itself is framed by 2 picturesque beaches, and a rocky peninsula topped with a giant JC similar to that of Rio de Jinero. A step away from the ocean-side promenade and you are in the cobbled streets of old town Donostia. Belle Epoque architecture, and narrow streets filled with busseling bars and restaurants; the perfect place to get lost on a tapas adventure.

If you need a break from eating, there are great hikes East and West that enfold the beautiful city. The Eastern beach Zurriola, is the main surfing spot and the Western beach La Concha is a great place to take a paddle board and explore the bay and check out Isle de Santa Clara.

In the summer time the city doesn’t stop with events such as the Samana Grande (a massive fireworks festival), red carpet film festivals, and countless outdoor concerts. In between the madness of fiestas you can find a spot to relax in any of 3 beautiful parks in the city; Cristina Enea Park, Miramar Park, and Aiete Park.

 You might also be surprised to know the locals here speak an age old language called Basque, not Spanish. Although most bar tenders will understand your broken Spanish, to throw in a few Basque words works absolute wonders. “Eskerrik asko” means thankyou.