Who are Southwest Surf House?

Maybe you have heard stories or maybe you’re just curious to find out who keeps clogging up your news feed with photos of hollow beach breaks and mouth-watering food? (Sorry, not sorry). So, what’s the deal? Who are these guys? Good question, let’s try and see if we can explain whatever this is…

Let’s start with the people. The people who meet and greet you, take you surfing, and cook your dinner, are the very people that created the surf house. There was never a master plan or grand scheme, just a bunch of likeminded legends who fell in love with an amazing place and way of life. Our dream; to make a living doing something that we love and truly believe in and sharing it with interesting people such as yourself.

The golden egg was laid by Raff, who arrived in Hossegor many summers ago with nothing more than a €500 camper van, and dreadlocks to match (don't worry they are long gone). After receiving a one-of-a-kind apprenticeship from one of surfings most infamous characters he realised his dream and initiated Southwest Surf House. Raff has a gift for getting things done and for finding the right people for the right job. For instance, the world’s most amusing/best chef he knows? Lora. It only took him 2 years to convince her to come and play. Everyone’s favourite person to surf with/ hang out with? CB of course, he had to be imported all the way from Australia. The mastermind behind good times? Fraser Reekie, the very man who sold Raff on moving to France so many years ago. And of course, behind every good man there’s a good woman, and that woman for Raff is Tommy. No one knows what Tommy does, but if it wasn’t for him we all wouldn’t be here.

Now, what we are about; To put things simply, we love surfing, we love delicious food, we love to have fun, we love Hossegor, and all in all we love living the good life and being surrounded by good people. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. We also believe in balance between “healthy living” and “living”. For us “Living” is cold beers on a summers evening, a glass (or bottle) of wine with lunch, too much cheese, Nutella crepes, and getting loose every now and again. “Healthy living” speaks for itself; loading up on as much healthy food as we can, lots of surfing, siestas, being in nature, and a spot of yoga here and there. It’s all about the balance :)

Our little surf house by the beach is by no means fancy, but there’s hammocks in the garden, cold beers in the fridge, delicious home cooked food, and a bunch of good people up for a good time. We are here to share moments, meals, experiences, a few drinks, and of course plenty of waves! So, combine all that, and that’s pretty much what Southwest Surf House is.