Where should I go for my next Surf Trip in Europe?

Choosing your net surf trip destination is kind of like being a kid again and picking your own Christmas present, but better. The time we spend discussing with friends, checking out photos, and reading articles should be cherished and not overlooked as being all part of the experience. That being said here’s our 2 cents worth to spice up that Christmas list.

Let’s say you’re going to keep this trip European, so your options are; UK, France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. 5 is too many options so straight away we’re going to eliminate 2. Sorry UK but its bit too cold up there, and Ciao Italy, we haven’t got the luxury of time to rely on wind swells.

That leaves us with Spain, Portugal and France. Now all 3 have pretty epic waves, consistent swell, and good variety of beaches. Truth be told there’s really only one way to separate them fairly. Sangria and tapas? Pastel del natas and port? Or wine and cheese?

Glad we got that sorted. So what else is so great about France for a surf trip? Lets dive in;

World class food- Have you ever been in a culinary situation and heard these words? Entre, dinner, dessert, buffet, cuisine, mousse, quiche? Of course you have. All French words! These guys practically invented cooking. For the French, mealtime is not just about getting food in your mouth, it’s a sacred act to be shared with friends and of course a few glasses of the good stuff. Bon appetite!

Wine- When it comes to European wine, I’ll be completely honest with you, it’s all good. However, when it comes to wine drinking clichés, there’s no comparison. The French have someone made claim to act of drinking good wine, probably because they do it on the regular.

Cheese- France pride themselves on their rampant cheese eating habits. They someone invented another course after dessert with nothing but Cheese! You have to admire the technicalities of it; Take something delicious that we probably shouldn’t be eating all the time, then make it socially acceptable to engorge yourself after every meal. If you are lactose insolent, maybe go to Portugal or Spain.

World class beach breaks- Whenever someone talks about any beach break wave that holds some clout, the instant comparison is France. “Kind of like Hossegor, but a bit less punchy” and so forth. There’s a reason why they hold the Championship Tour there every year. 

Boulangeries- I’ve not been to heaven, but I think I can imagine what it looks like. Row after row of tantalising pastry goods, cooked to golden perfection, not a crumb out of place. The oven opens and brings with it a fresh batch of baguettes and another waft of bakery goodness. The patisserie section is teeming full of creations you couldn’t even imagine. Then the cute boulangerie worker asks for your order. Stop it. 

The French- There’s something going on here, and I think it could be why we don’t find ourselves in any of the other amazing neighbouring countries. The French have a certain way of living that once embraced becomes incredibly infectious. They take the time to enjoy the important things in life; stopping for a coffee, sharing a bottle of wine with friends, taking 2 hour lunch breaks. A wise woman once said, “No country does life on Earth better than the French.”

There you have it, France has world class waves, but so do other places. Theres just something about the country that keeps bringing us back for more. It’s just...bon.

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