Instagram accounts that’ll get you stoked to surf

Follow a few of Southwest Surf House’s favourite Instagram accounts to see quality surfing and surf photography daily or book a surf camp in Hossegor with us today and fill everyone’s feed with photos of yourself!

Underground slab hunter Owen Schultz.jpg

Once you become a surfer you’re locked in for life. It seeps into every other aspect of your daily routine and colours your actions like very few passions can. As such, you’ll want to surround yourself with surfing at all times.

Back in the day it was about plastering your walls with posters and watching free with the magazine VHS surf movies until the video player crapped itself. Now it’s all about populating your Instagram feed with as many surfing related accounts as possible. Thereby getting a massive dose of surfing delivered straight to your doorstep.

When you think about it, the fact you can watch world-class surfing and spy on once in a lifetime surf sessions from around the planet, simply by picking up your phone and firing up an app is awesome. So to continue the trend and give you some more inspiring Instagram accounts to follow, check out the following list the team Southwest Surf House have put together.

Complete with experienced surf photographers who take some of the dreamiest shots around, talented surfers that make death defying waves look like a 1-foot runners and publications to keep you up to date with all the latest from the weird and wonderful world of surfing.

Southwest Surf House - @southwestsurfhouse

 What can we say? We’re shameless when it comes to getting people to book a stay at our surf camp in Hossegor, but it’s only because we believe we provide punters with the funnest and most authentic French surfing experience possible. So follow us… we dare you.

John Barton - @johnnyjungle

 A world traveller and incredibly gifted surf photographer, John Barton will transport you to far flung places with breathtaking images that capture the essence of a surf trip and the many things you’ll come across during such an adventure.

King Of Aframes - @aframeking

The undisputed king of a-frames.jpg

If you’re on the verge of booking a surf camp in Hossegor, A Frame King may just tip you over the edge. The reason being that they post some of the best-looking waves from all over the world. And nothing gets us more pumped to surf than seeing epic lineups.

Chippa Wilson - @chippawilson

The most technical aerial surfer in Australia and possibly even the world, Mr Chippa Wilson has been called many things… freakish surfer chief among them. But a quick scroll through his Instagram account will reveal an interesting character, one who not only shreds but is also the opposite of the cookie-cutter pro surfer. Refreshing to say the least.

Mason Ho - @cocom4debarrelkilla

Saying whatever comes to your mind can get you into a lot of trouble, but for Rip Curl team rider and all-around good guy, Mason Ho, it’s only ever led to good things. From novelty waves in Puerto Rico and surf trips through the tropics with the likes of Mick Fanning, Mason Ho’s Instagram account is as entertaining as it gets.

Baptiste Haugomat - @baptistehaugomat

Local surf photographer in southwest France.jpg

Booking a surf camp in Hossegor becomes all the more appealing once you’ve checked out Baptiste Haugomat’s account. An ocean and wave photographer, he’s managed to capture some of the most perfect days we’ve ever seen in southwest France. Take a peek at his photos today but maybe wear a bib, because there’s a good chance some of his shots will make you drool.

Owen Schultz - @wavering_emoceans

 A true human of the world, Owen Schultz is an eclectic and thoughtful surfer who calls southwest Western Australia home, although you’re more than likely run into him surfing mysto lineups in Indonesia or XXL Puerto Escondido. If you want a good example of what an environmentally aware slab hunter looks like, O-dog is your man.

 Josie Prendergast - @josie_prendergast

Professional surfer-cum-model Josie Prendergast.jpg

Josie Prendergast is a longboarder/model based in Byron Bay, known for her elegant style and the fact she makes surfing look so damn appealing. Check out her page and give in to the urge to switch from shortboard to plank and surf the world’s best pointbreaks. Just don’t expect to make cruising down the line on a 9-foot board look as cool as she does though.

 Instagram is great fun, but while you are on you’re phone maybe you should book a surf camp in Hossegor with Southwest Surf House? Yeah.