7 surf trip essentials you shouldn’t leave home without

Whether you’re visiting our surf camp in Hossegor or chasing waves off the coast of Indonesia, here are 7 surf trip essentials the team at Southwest Surf House in Hossegor reckon you shouldn’t leave home without.

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In addition to your surfboard, wetsuit (if necessary), passport and a towel, there’s a whole host of other surf trip essentials you should consider taking for your next wave riding adventure.

Perfect for both quick strike missions and extended stays alike, these items will ensure you get the most out of your experience. Not only that, but knowing you’ve got gear you can rely on when things go sideways will you provide you with some welcome peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting our surf camp in Hossegor or shacking up at a dreamy Costa Rican point break, it pays to be prepared. With that in mind, here are 7 surf trip essentials that deserve a place in every surfers boardbag.

1. Broad-spectrum sunscreen

 Sunburn sucks, there’s no doubt about it. The good thing is though that it can be avoided by simply slapping on some broad-spectrum sunscreen.

The best brands are waterproof, contain no oxybenzone or octinoxate (chemicals that damage corals) and protect against both UVA and UVB rays. With UVA rays being the ones that age your skin and UVB rays being the ones that will make you look like a boiled lobster.

2. Spare legrope/fins/wax

 If you’re planning a trip to our surf camp in Hossegor then you can rest assured that a spare legrope, block of wax or extra set of fins are never far away. But we suggest bringing these replacements with you so you can access them easily if needed.

Think about it… when the surf is cooking and you need to switch fins or legrope, the last thing you’ll want to do is waste time chasing one up while all of your friends are scoring the best waves of the trip. Rookie error.

surfboard fins.jpg

3. Soft racks

Rocking up to a rental car lot with your surfboards only to find you’ve booked a bubble on wheels might be a massive issue… if you didn’t have soft racks.

 By lashing a couple of these convenient straps over the roof of your vehicle though, you can easily fit your surfboards on top of the car instead of cramming them inside. Equally as convenient when it comes to taking taxis is certain countries.

 4. Dry bag

Instead of wrapping your wetsuit up in a towel and cramming it into your backpack, opt for the dry bag. It’ll stop your soggy wettie stinking up the backpack and ensure your other essentials aren’t saturated in transit. Pro tip: dry bags are also great for stashing beers and ice… so there’s that.

 5. Playing cards

Multiple people sitting around a table with their eyes fixed on an incandescent phone screen makes us sad. So to pull everyone out of the digital world and into reality, try whipping out a deck of cards.

deck of cards on a table with food.jpg

There are literally countless games to play and you’re guaranteed a few good laughs. It’s also a great way to make new friends or new enemies if you’re a bit of a shark. Honestly though, card games are always a winner at our surf camp in Hossegor. Definitely more fun than Facebook, too.

6. Ding repair kit

A small crack can lead to weaknesses in your board, which when it comes to surfing in France can spell danger if the swell is up. Patch those little suckers up with the ding repair kit and you’ll be back in the water and chasing down epic A-frames in no time at all. Cheaper and faster than taking it to a surf shop to be repaired anyway.

7. First aid kit

At the risk of sounding like the “Who spiked the punch” parents, the team here at Southwest Surf House recommend a first aid kit. Stock it with bandages, ear drops, betadine, immodium and rehydration packs. All of which will ensure you can tackle everything from minor injuries sustained surfing dreamy French beachbreaks to other surf-specific inconveniences, such as the dreaded Bali Belly for example.

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Are there surf trip essentials that we’ve forgotten? Do you have another trusted item you believe would improve your time at our surf camp in France? Let us know or book a stay with Southwest Surf House today.