Your Hossegor Quiver sorted + Rob Machado Surfing in France

Oh what a sight to see isn't?!? The speed, the power, the O soooo silky smooth flow! And those waves, how about those offshore winds! What a fine Fall evening in the South O France indeed.... Shown and replayed above, Rob demonstrates how the sandbars of Hossegor should be ridden. With style and ease, it seems not a drop of water is out of place as his rail to rail down the line surfing never ceases to inspire. Beneath his feet, it's the brand new model "The Go Fish" that has sparked conversation around SW Surf House about the ideal board selection when booking a surf trip to Hossegor. What should your French Quiver look like? Follow along and begin packing as when the waves start pumping, your going to want to be prepared.

Tommy's 4 Board Hossegor Quiver

Tommy's 4 Board Hossegor Quiver

Hi-Performance Shortboard

Filled with rocker, concave, and made with love– there is no doubt that a hi performance shortboard will be put to good use on heavy beach breaks surrounding Hossegor. The peaks are steep and demand a board with just the right amount of curve to fit in the pocket and make those ever so sketchy drops. This is your quick, responsive whip that you'll want when the waves get 4 foot plus and your looking to go top to bottom or left n right to showcase some of your best surfing. Pictured on the far right is my 5'11.5 x 18.35 x 2.35 Sharpeye OK Model which you can check out HERE.

Small Wave Shortboard

Shave a couple inches off you Hi-Pro board mentioned above, add a touch of thickness, and increase the width to complete the perfect everyday small wave shorty. Lighten the entry rocky in your nose as you want a board thats going to fly across flat sections and maintain speed for the smaller, fatter waves. I will say the swell is not always 6 foot and pumping in Hossegor, but often they are 2 to 3 foot with the shape and steepness of the larger days. This board is just for that, when your still looking to blast a couple turns and the waves are a sitting just at shoulder high. Pictured above is my 5'9 x 18.65 x 2.35 Sharpeye Disco which does the trick. Click HERE to give it a glance. 

Mid Length Fun Board

A board to "Take Fun Seriously" as we say here at SW Surf House. If the waves are knee to head high, sun is out and your just lookin' for a good ol' time.... I say mix it up a bit with a unique model with different tail shape or an odd fin setup. A time to find that new spark under your feet that you just cant get out of your typical thruster. A swallow tail with a twin fin, maybe even throw a little nubster in there while your at it. Im talking about the Channel Islands Twin Fin pictured on the far left, my new favorite go to board when the day demands fun. Whats so cool about it? For starters, its fast. Twin Fins project speed the instant you pop to your feet and again return the favor throughout your turns. The result– A free flowing board that excels in down the line, predictable waves offering the rider with a change of pace feeling only provided by a classic twin fin setup. Hossegor's renowned sand banks can resemble a perfect point break on any given day, the twinny fits right into this lineup. 

The Fish

No matter what the waves are like, this board is going to make you want to surf. May they be small or may they be weak– The excess width, thickness, and volume is what makes The Go Fish one of most addictive boards I've ever ridden. Sharp channels line the bottom rail providing an unique edge that enables the board to turn, pivot, and project far better than previous twin fin shapes.Classified as a new age high performance fish, its shaped with an LFT Firewire technology blank that is light as a feather Maybe I'm becoming lazier, but who has time to waste generating your own speed. Let the board do the work for you I say, and heck if Rob can surf n speed like that– I want to as well. The future of performance fish shapes is here and The Go Fish ticks every box for guaranteed fun. Link for board info HERE!

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