There has been ALOT of talk....

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ALOT of talk!......about what's been going on at SW Surf House lately. Foam boards have been out and people are taking party waves every which way. Beers are being drank and naps have been goin' down like its nobody's business.

But word has gotten out and rumors are spreading. There has been ALOT of people all around town talking about how great September is going to be in Hossegor...... And I will tell you myself that the rumors are true– it is going to be great.


For many many reasons, we like to call it the Golden Month over here in the South O France as all the pesky kids and out-of-towners who muck around our swim zones (surf zones), clog up our parking lots, n take up space on our d-floors are gone. The start of September would normally mean something like back to school or the beginning of fall, back to work or an airport drop off, but it's still scorchin' outside and our backpacks are filled with cold beverages meant for the upper side of 18 years of age. 


As the calendar rolls onto Sep 1st we take our beach town back just in time for the for when weather doesn't know if it wants to be summer or fall and the waves are unsure if they want to be big or small. The end result.... a little bit of both as the water is still as warm as you'll want it and the waves are breaking right where they should. The sand banks are building with those mid-day winds calming and as the crowds have gotten the hell outta Hossegor, the only question left asking is why aren't you here? Get on's the BEST time of the year.