Made In Europe >>> Tom Curren

In this fine piece of short cinema, three-time world champion Tom Curren returns to his old stomping grounds to surf (or is it skim?) the banks of Hossegor. After a string of world titles in the 80s, the young Californian began to call Hossegor home as he tied the knot with a french bird from Biarritz and spent the next decade chasing waves across the Basque Country. And who could blame him? Sounds like a retirement plan I'd like to look into....Present day, Tom's equipment tastes have changed just a tad bit. With the help of a battered rescue board, we watch as he paddles into some massive peaks abandoning his sled to squat n skim down the line. May it be kooky or cool, the guy is in his mid-50s looking to shake things up a bit and go fast. And fast he does as the waves, meanwhile, are something without controversy. Golden n groomed to perfection, who wouldn't want to chase down a couple of those gems?