Choosing the Best Value Surf Accommodation

Now I hate talking about money, it sucks, likewise I hate salesmen pitches to sell a product or service. However, when I’m on the buying end of a deal, I like to know I am getting value for my hard-earned money. So, with that in mind I pulled out a calculator (gasps) and did some maths for you guys. Have a quick read then send your credit card details to; imonlyjoking@justdont.lolz.

€35 euro per night is the standard rate for a B&B in Hossegor in Spring.

Price per night/day in May

                                                SWSH                          B&B

Price                                       €57                              €35

Surf board hire                       Free                             €20-25

Wetsuit hire                            Free                             €10-15

Surf Guiding                           Free                             €100 + !

Bike Hire                                 Free                             €10-15

Dinner                                     Free                             €15-40

Entertainment                        Free                              :(

Totals                                      €57 per night              €90-230 per night!


I did the same for weekly hire costs to make it fair (with one day of surf guiding)

                                                SWSH                          B&B

Price (May)                             €400                            €245

Surf board hire                       Free                              €75-95

Wetsuit hire                            Free                              €40-45

Surf Guiding                           Free                              Just no…

Bike Hire                                 Free                              €55

Dinner                                     Free                             €105-280

Entertainment                         Free                             :(

Totals                                      €400 per week              €620-820 per week!


A lot of people freak out when they see €400 plus for one week. No way! I want to pay €35 a night! Maths is your friend on this one. It’s a no brainer right? 

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